Sky Diving Goes Wrong. Laverne Everett, 80-Year-Old-Woman, Nearly Falls Out Of Harness While Skydiving

To mark her 80th birthday, Laverne Everett went skydiving, but the tandem jump went horribly wrong and video of the terrifying experience has gone viral.

The 80-year-old excitedly tried to cling onto the door after apparently deciding she no longer wanted to do the jump. Referring to the moment when her instructor is forcing her out the door despite what appear to be her having second thoughts, the Oakdale, Calif., woman said that’s not really what happened. She said her bad knee gave out as she was at the door.

As her harness came loose the woman, named Laverne, was left dangling from her instructor as she hurtled towards the ground at 125mph.

‘Stop’: The woman, 80, appears to yell ‘no’ as she tries to avoid jumping out of the plane in California

Skydiving goes wrong: The woman’s back is exposed as she clings to her instructor after her harness slipped. The tandem diver grasps her tightly as they plummet towards the ground at 125mph

Tumble: With the woman dangling from the skydiver they plummet towards the ground in California

In the dramatic video, the woman’s tandem diver can be seen clinging onto her safety harness which had slipped down her legs during the jump in California.
As they plummet towards the ground, the woman’s top flies up exposing her back to the high-speed winds.
The cameraman – a separate jumper filming the whole experience – comes over to help as the pair get into difficulties.

Just before the jump happened, the woman appears to yell ‘no!’ – telling her instructor to stop her getting out of the aircraft.

It was her first skydive, which she had been planning for a decade, she says on the video which was published on

Tony Butler, technical officer at the British Parachute Association, said the pensioner could easily have slipped out of the harness.

High spirits: Laverne, 80, the tandem skydiver, said it was her first ever jump as she is filmed before take-off. She said she had been planning the leap for a decade