Elephant Swept out to Sea Ten Miles by Strong Current. Watch Divers Dramatic Twelve-Hour Rescue Unfold

Elephants are known to be among strongest swimmers among land pets, but we all know that also specialists will get in over their minds. Thankfully for example struggling elephant, assistance had been nearby.

Members of the Sri Lanka Naval Command were on a routine patrol in a quick Attack Craft off the shores of Kokilai, when they spotted some thing strange sticking up out from the sea. It appeared as if a submarine periscope, but was also wobbly.

It performedn’t take long to realize the strange object ended up being the trunk area of a submerged elephant. He was bobbing up and down, trying to hold afloat.


Elephant Swept out to water Ten Miles by Strong present. View Divers Dramatic Twelve-Hour Rescue Unfold

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According to Chaminda Walakuluge from Sri Lankan Navy, the elephant had been most likely attempting to cross the Kokkilai lagoon, which could happen an extremely quick task. However, it seems it got caught in a riptide and drifted about 10 miles far from shore.

“They usually wade through shallow waters and on occasion even swim across take a shortcut,” said Walakuluge. The officials knew something wasn’t right when they saw the elephant up to now from coast.

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That’s once the navy made a decision to begin a rescue mission for “Jumbo,” the name they gave towards hapless elephant. The entire mission took an exhausting 12 hours.

Two more vessels appeared to help, alongside naval divers and officials through the Department of Wildlife. As soon as close enough to Jumbo, a diver jumped on their back and guaranteed a rope around him.


Elephant Swept off to water Ten Miles by Strong existing. View Divers Dramatic Twelve-Hour Relief Unfold

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Elephants tend to be well equipped for swimming. Their bodies tend to be naturally buoyant, their particular trunks dual as snorkels, and their particular lung area let them endure alterations in pressure.

It absolutely was determined that it wasn’t bad swimming abilities that got Jumbo into this predicament but rather, which he had been also exhausted to swim up against the existing any longer. Utilizing ropes, the sailors could pull Jumbo to shore.

“It is a miraculous escape the elephant,” Walakuluge said. In an email to Washington Post, Joyce Poole, co-founder for the Elephant Voices preservation team, stated that lots of elephants have satisfied their particular demise attempting but failing to swim from a mainland to some other island.

Jumbo was handed up to Wildlife officials who would send the tuckered completely elephant on in his means properly. Some amazing video footage reveals a synopsis regarding the dramatic rescue.

Because of real human compassion and ingenuity, a lovely animal was spared a tragic demise. And ideally Jumbo won’t venture out on another bold journey such as this one.

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